Overview to BlockPark

An ecosystem of tokenized assets designed to generate passive income for users by giving them accessibility, transparency, and liquidity to income producing property.

BlockPark is a solution based real estate platform tokenizing investment property for users interested in building wealth while earning passive income. All properties are tangible income producing assets that exist in real life and transacted in the metaverse. Users are given tools to create and manage their assets using BlockPark asset management software and incentivized to grow their portfolio using PROP tokens.

BlockPark aims at solving long standing issues of real estate by creating an ecosystem of NFTs backed be real property giving users accessibility to real estate, transparency to manage it, and liquidity to move it.

$PROP Token is the native token used to optimize asset performance by aligning the interests of users across the platform. This fosters a powerful collaboration among users promoting mutually beneficial interactions to maximize the value of the PROP token and the ecosystem it represents. The BlockPark platform includes a diverse range of real estate assets, event spaces, and an NFT marketplace all generating passive income with unlimited growth potential.

The core ideas behind BlockPark are:

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