Who is BlockPark for?

BlockPark is built for anyone who is interested in building long term wealth and earning passive income through real estate ownership. Users benefit by receiving a stable dividend secured by real world income producing assets with the unlimited upside potential of a utility token.

Real estate enthusiasts

Anyone interested in real estate can start investing on BlockPark.

Real Estate Private Equity Funds

Built on blockchain, our software provides a trustless platform for real estate holding companies to track and manage assets for their investors. They could also sell their assets to their investors using the BlockPark Minting factory and continue to manage them.

Crypto Savvy Users

Blockpark is addressing the crypto native community and provides the opportunity to diversify their portfolio. Crypto savvy users can invest in properties and earn passive income secured by real world assets.


Property owners can list their properties to a global market on the BlockPark platform by creating fractional ownership with NFTs. Landlords can choose to maintain a percentage of ownership if they want and will also benefit from lower closing costs. The fully decentralized process is trustless with seamless transactions completed by smart contracts.


BlockPark is about making everyone work together to increase the value of each asset. Tenants are now playing a key role towards this achievement. First, by paying their rent on time, they will be rewarded in $PROP tokens. Thanks to the token rewards offered by the platform, they are incentivized to take good care of the units they live in and contribute to the strength of their community. By being well managed and looked after, assets will gain in value.

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