Overview to BlockPark

An ecosystem of tokenized assets designed to generate wealth for users by giving them accessibility, transparency, and liquidity to income producing property.
BlockPark is a solution based real estate investment platform tokenizing real estate ownership for buyers and sellers interested in building wealth while earning passive income. Users are given tools to create and manage their assets using BlockPark property management software and incentivized to grow their portfolio using PROP tokens.
BlockPark aims at solving long standing issues of real estate by creating an ecosystem of NFTs backed be real property giving users accessibility to real estate, transparency to manage it, and liquidity to move it.
A web3 global Real Estate market via an NFT marketplace gives users ownership to property and passive income secured by real world assets in the form of token credits. User credits are received in utility tokens called $PROP tokens, and are paid out in dividends based on the stabilized yield of the property the NFT represents.
The core ideas behind BlockPark are:
Create NFTs backed by income producing real estate properties
Represents fractional ownership of a property using NFT’s
Grow property portfolios using leverage to purchase additional assets
Implement a token economy to incentivize investment and maximize asset performance
Secondary Marketplace to provide liquidity to buy and sell NFTs backed by real property