The BlockPark Solution

BlockPark is solving the above problems with innovative approaches like distributed ledger technology, blockchain algorithms and non fungible tokens:


BlockPark provides a solution for fractional ownership of property: it is made possible with the advent of NFTs. Now, individuals who are interested in owning investment property to start building wealth can start buying in for as little as $100 per NFT across several assets. Real estate ownership is made a lot more accessible than before through affordability and deal flow. Saving up for a down payment is no longer needed. Individuals can start investing immediately as soon as they have spending capital to invest which can be spread over multiple assets. They no longer have to worry about putting all their eggs in one basket. Thanks to passive income, each investor is earning significant returns as they build up their portfolio. A high degree of freedom and flexibility is kept while managing this portfolio of ownership.


NFT holders will have the same complete portfolio view, down to the property level as the management team. There will never be a question as to what they are truly investing into. Built on Hyperledger blockchain, every transaction is recorded on chain. Because it is decentralized, the property history is 100% immutable. It can provide verifiable records from rental history to unit history, and tenant history (also title history, maintenance history, and every other transaction that is done to the property since it arrived on chain).

Our platform allows participants a much higher level of information to their real estate portfolios than what they would normally get from their RE investment manager. Indeed, this level of information is usually only available to property managers. It simultaneously offers credits to investors to purchase more NFTs backed by real property, while also giving tenants rewards to encourage best performance. By aligning the interests of all the components that make up the ecosystem, the BlockPark platform will produce the greatest economic outcome for its users and also benefit the surrounding community.

Our primary focus is to make building wealth with real estate achievable to everyone while adhering to the utmost moral and ethical principles, with blockchain technology maintaining the integrity of the entire platform. By building it on Hyperledger, a permission based blockchain, the platform is a trustless network designed to verify each transaction and offer full transparency to our users for them to track their portfolios.


By minting properties into NFTs, they can now be sold or borrowed against in a matter of minutes. Several options are proposed for more flexibility leaving sufficient space to fit most use cases. Our Token Economy explains in further details the different options available. We are also sharing some use cases and explaining how investors can easily benefit from the secondary market place and grow their portfolios. NFT holders will enjoy the swift transactions to buy, sell and trade properties as they please. The high level of transparency offers a smart and easy to use dashboard to enhance the user experience. The secondary marketplace will make BlockPark the premier real estate investment platform of the future.

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