Running the Builder’s Round private sale

A group of like minded people coming together to form an ecosystem to build real estate wealth and community based on trust, transparency and accessibility. The BlockPark Token private sale round is the builder's round and participating members will join the Builder's club at BlockPark.

Building the community to launch a successful IDO

BlockPark is pursuing an aggressive marketing strategy targeting like minded users who can support the BlockPark ecosystem. The community users have expressed a vast interest in earning passive income secured by real world, tangible assets.

Securing key partnerships

  • With holding companies for beta testing (6-months).
  • With Dwolla for automated ACH (Automated Clearing House) for rent payments.

Building NFT Staking and secondary marketplace

PROP token staking and the secondary marketplace are two pillars of the BlockPark offering. We are aiming at adding these features at the right time as this will be a key to the success of this revolutionary system.