Technical Summary

Current Technology Stack and Future Development

1. BlockPark Investment & Management Engine

BlockPark is composed of multiple cutting edge modules that are built to work seamlessly within our ecosystem. The four primary modules are:

  • Property Management Module.

  • Custom Reporting Module.

  • Investor / User Dashboard.

  • Hyperledger based Blockchain Data Storage.

The first two modules are fully built and functional, and the later two modules are currently being built as part of Phase 2 of our roadmap. We discuss each module in greater detail below.

2. Property Management Module

Our unique module brings all required functionalities for property management, along with a login-based dashboard for each type of user including property owners, managers, tenants and maintenance workers. All data from this module is presented in a web app and stored on a Hyperledger blockchain. Our property management module includes both accounting and operations services. A few important features of the module are listed below

  • Track multiple properties in common ledger

  • Control security for all users

  • Onboard owner and owner groups with ease

  • Manage groups, properties, units

  • Manage fractional ownership of properties

  • Tenant KYC and onboarding

  • Rent Collection via ACH and Offline methods

  • Automated recurring rent and fee deposits

  • Automated Move-in and Move-out workflows

  • Accounting - Manage Payables, receivables and General ledger functions

  • Generated Financial statements with one click

  • Track Budgets and Identify problem areas

  • Receive online work order requests from residents

  • Track maintenance history by unit or resident

  • Add photos and videos to work order using a smartphone or tablet

  • See progress notes and details in one place

3. Custom Reporting Module

BlockPark uses cutting edge technology to create a visual dashboard to keep our users informed in real time. The property management features include an occupancy report, rent roll and expense reports, and the Financial features include performance indicators such as P&L statements and property portfolio analytics. As compared to the traditional opaque and non-transparent reporting by centralized systems from other more traditional offerings, our real time reports offer users immediate and transparent access to their portfolio and related financial scorecards.

4. Investor / User Dashboard

The investor dashboard is broken into two sections. An investor will see a complete financial snapshot of his or her personal investment growth with the initial investment made, monthly residual token credits, and overall growth being realized in real time. Performance indicators such as MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue), ROI (Return on investment), and ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) are available in the user dashboard and updated in real time. The other section provides a clear snapshot of the investor pool as a whole, and shows the total profit and loss in real time with a transparent overview of how the portfolio is performing. Users also have the option to exit anytime, and can list their NFT(s) to liquidate their portfolio in the secondary marketplace.

Hyperledger based Blockchain Data Storage

Blockchain technology is radically transforming industry operating models and for its Data storage on blockchain it uses Hyperledger, an enterprise blockchain framework. Hyperledger Fabric uses permissioned networks, where all participants have known identities and its easy to make permissioned membership where at all time we know who the members of the network are and who is accessing specific data. This serves the use case where we need to comply with data protection regulations. Fewer levels of trust and verification are required across node types, and network scalability and performance are optimized. Channels, supported in Hyperledger Fabric, allow for data to go to only the parties that need to know.


HSM (Hardware Security Module) support is vital for safeguarding and managing digital keys for strong authentication. Hyperledger Fabric provides modified and unmodified PKCS11 for key generation, which supports cases like identity management that need more protection. For scenarios dealing with identity management, HSM increases the protection of keys and sensitive data.

In addition, all components of BlockPark Ecosystem are subjected to rigorous audits for technology stack and maintaining the highest standard possible. All servers, API integration and other components involved are kept updated to the latest available versions, and regular third party security audits are done to keep the security is an utmost priority.

Future development

Blockpark is planning a phased approach for future developments, with Phase 1 already completed. The phases are as follows:

Phase 1 ( Completed)Phase 2 ( In Progress)Phase 3 ( Future Dev)

BlockPark Property Management for easy operation with all user’s login, dashboard along & community with simple KYC & payment integration.

PROP token Implementation, Wallet Management.

Reporting Dashboard for investor/user with data storage on Hyperledger blockchain.

Fractional ownership with NFT minted out of the BlockPark Minting Factory.

NFT marketplace for secondary real estate transactions

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