Community For Tenants & Landlords

The social impact of BlockPark is a big one. The platform uncouples tenant rent increases from outside market drivers such as inflation and housing bubbles which are a few of the main reasons landlords have to raise rent in order to grow, or even keep their yields. Many cities try to help this problem by instituting rent control ordinances or providing rental assistance programs to help ease the hardship of tenants. However, rent control limits the returns a landlord can make which disincentives a landlord to make upgrades or even necessary repairs to the property. Government assistance programs usually come with a lot of red tape for tenants to receive and they are too limited in funds to solve the problem. Thus, a depreciating asset is created which in turn brings down the value of its community

The BlockPark platform fixes this by implementing a token economy that aligns the interests of tenants and landlords with token rewards. Tenants receive token rewards for on-time payments which they can use as credits towards their rent. Investors receive credits for being a part of the ecosystem that allows them to purchase additional properties at a discount depending on how long they stake their tokens to increase their yield and cash on cash returns.

That the BlockPark ecosystem will have a positive impact on the communities we serve is a core element of our vision. The property itself benefits because all the components now have a vested interest. Proper repairs and upgrades are made to maximize its potential adding value to the community. The better properties are managed, the more viable they become, the more communities will thrive. Tenants are saving money and now have a vested interest in the property. They are able to save and spend more money, significantly enhancing financial freedom and well-being. Wealth is now created for all users in the BlockPark ecosystem from tenants to investors and the communities they serve.

Creating Wealth Through Real Estate

BlockPark sets apart in the global Real Estate landscape as it expands investment opportunities to a much larger audience. On top of being more accessible than any other investment vehicle, BlockPark is designed to grant investors a high level of visibility making them become part of the property management (i.e. wealth creation). Investors’ contribution is no longer limited to providing the funds. Their new role is more fulfilling.

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