Why the $PROP token economy?

The $PROP Token - A token economy designed with multiple use-cases to incentivize real estate investing and create wealth for its users. The $PROP token enables a vision to come true, one of social and financial inclusiveness. The underlying tokenized platform offers many important benefits over traditional means of real estate investing. Here is a summary of the large scope offered by the $PROP token economy.

Utility - A token economy designed with multiple use-cases to create wealth through real estate investing

Transparency - Built on Hyperledger (A permission based blockchain) to give investors full transparency into their investments

Rewards - Entire ecosystem benefits by receiving token rewards that help increase investor yields and the communities they are invested in. (Tenants receive tokens for good performance)

Earnings - NFT owners receive dividend residuals in token rewards equal to the net profit of the rental property

Liquidity - BlockPark’s secondary marketplace offers liquidity for NFT owners secured to property rights

Accessibility - Constant deal flow of properties earning passive income for affordable prices

Staking - Investors join one of 3 pools to earn discounts they can use to purchase NFTs secured by real property. Each pool offers a different level of discount based on how long they stake their tokens

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