Why BlockPark is needed?

A broken system

The global Real Estate system is broken. Tenants can no longer afford to pay their monthly rents as prices have soared dramatically. On the other end, investors cannot recoup their money and earn a reasonable return on investment. On top of that, they are investing “blind” only based on the trust they grant to such and such Real Estate holding. Tokenizing Real Estate brings an opportunity to change this situation dramatically.

As a traditional brokerage company, we have seen the evolution of Real Estate and felt that it was time to introduce a change.

A word from the CEO

According to Blockpark’s CEO and founder, Daniel Riceberg says “The most important factor in property management is building trust with all the parties involved. Tenants need to feel they are being taken care of and owners need to feel appreciated. In order for that to happen both need to do their part in the ecosystem.”

The BlockPark platform incentivizes owners and tenants to do their part with token rewards. With both parties in line, the property becomes a shared interest between them that will optimize its performance and maximize its value.

Restoring Real Estate

BlockPark is a proptech innovation platform using blockchain technology to align the interests of owners and tenants by maximizing the yield for owners and giving tenants a vested interest in the property they live in. The platform is designed to credit its participants while creating wealth for our community and empower tenants to produce a stronger economic output.

With the implementation of the BlockPark token economy which has a fixed supply of $PROP tokens, the use case will increase with every new property added to the platform due to additional credits being offered to its participants. As a result, each property is primed for optimal performance and maximum returns through shared value creation.

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